Young College Escort in Delhi is Available for You

Do you want to enjoy and have fun with a seductive and charming girl from Delhi? Are you looking for an escort who will be the right choice for you? Have you had a stressful and long week or want to cut away from your regular regime? If your and is Yes to the above questions, then Noreen Delhi escort service is the one stop solution for all you r needs. You can have a look at my profile so that you can be sure and aware of what you will get when you hire my services. I am open for both in calls as well as out call services. So you can just let me know where you would like to meet me or if you want I will let you know where you can come over and we can have a really special and fun time.

The reason why I chose to be an escort is because it allows me to earn a living while I study; I am a young girl who is pursuing a degree in Mass communications. Along with studying, I lie to work and this is a profession that allows me the benefit of working whenever I want as I get to choose and maintain my schedule. There is a difference between being an escort and a prostitute, s if you thing that I am a prostitute then let me first explain in brief the difference between the two.
Being a prostitute limits to only sexual services, a girl will only sleep with a client for the money, there is no other option, facility or service that is offered. In the case of an escort, we go ahead and provide a variety of services. Getting intimate is our choice and it is optional for the client. I have been on many dates where in my client has not got intimate with me. Now that you have got a brief idea on the difference let us get back to what you can expect from me.

I offer a variety of services to my clients, you can take me on casual and formal dates, long or short tours and trips, I will give you company even if you just want to hang out or go for a nice evening out for dinner, a long drive and even go to watch a movie. If you are not sure what to do, we can always meet up and decide the next course of action. As I am a student, I do not charge too much, you can have a look at the rates and packages that are available.

For those who are looking for a way to relax, there are different massages that I specialize in; you can opt from a regular massage or even an advance one which will include a body/face/back wrap. I am a certified beautician and massage therapist, this is an added advantage for me in this profession and my clients will get a good and proper massage along with the right techniques based on their skin and texture. If you are not sure of what kind of massage would be suitable for you, then you can let me know and opt for the in call service, this would be easy for you to decide which kind of massage would be best suitable for you based on the suggestions that I will make.

We can work together and ensure that things go really well when we are spending time as well as you will not be sorry for choosing the services of Noreen Delhi escort.

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